Redmi Note 3 Mobile latest software update | Android update | No Root

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Redmi Note 3 Software update | Android update| Mobile update Redmi Note 3 mobile update Redmi note 3 mobile update  Redmi Note 3 mobile new version  update,  Redmi Note 3 mobile upgrade new version.  Redmi Note 3 mobile New software update. Redmi Note 3 mobile new software available.  Redmi Note 3 mobile update coming soon,new future  Redmi Note 3 mobile update. Redmi Note 3 how to software update | Redmi Note 3 software update without root |Redmi Note 3 android update Author: MIUI official Team Version : 8.2.1 ( miui9) Size: 1.2GB

Method 1:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Scroll down to the last and click about phone
  3. At the bottom, on notification bar click to update
  4. Click on check for update button and then give a look at MIUI 9 ,if you see the package then click on update now – your phone will download the package and after getting download it will ask you for Reboot. Wait for 10 -15 minutes till the update gets install and after that,you will see the interface on your on display.
Note : 50% percent more then battery, 1.5GB more then free storage

Method 2:

Manually update Android Version With PC laptop using man,Hand in mobile,2nd year results 2019 Date,, intermediate results , intermediate result 2019 date, manabadi, manabadin inter results , manabadi results 2019 TN, manabadi results, School9 results , Tn inter 1st year and 2nd year results 2019,Ts inter 1st ,Telangana intermediate 1st year and 2nd year Results 2019, TS inter results 2019 Step-1 Download the latest MIUI Ram file Download Here There is no need to do it again if you’ve already download then latest Ram file. Step-2 Connect your device to the window pc/laptop via a micro USB cable, and copy the rom file downloaded in step 1 into the folder ‘download_rom’ in the internal storage of your device. Step-3 Go back to settings >About phone > updates > click the thee dots on the right top and choose package manually > go to android folder and select the download file > Reboot the phone, wait for 10-15 minutes till the update gets installed and after that, you will see the new interface on your display screen. Note : 50% percent more then battery, 1.5GB more then free storage  
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Method 3:

How to Change Android Version without Root

  • Power off  Redmi Note 3the wait till the mobile is completely shut down
  • Press the power buttonand volume down button for few seconds until you notice the system recovery screen
  • Use the volume down buttonto navigate between the options to highlight wipe data/factory reset
  • Press the power buttonto select wipe data/factory reset
  • Use thevolume down button to navigate between the options to highlight yes –delete all data
  • Press the power buttonto select “yes-delete all data “
  • The phone will startto get formatted with the android robot logo in the background
  • Press the power buttonto select reboot system now
  • The phone will be rebootedin few minutes with clean data and is ready to us
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